Helping 160,000 people

Our health centre provides 24:7 care to thousands of patients every year.  It is the only significant health facility in a district of more than 160,000 people, providing emergency services and in-patient (58 beds) and out-patient care for 100+ people daily.  We employ more than 100 staff in the centre including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

New Maternity Facility

We are currently building a new maternity facility. Our current maternity unit is a single room with 3 beds for delivery of 70 babies per month. Following birth the mother and baby are transferred back to a standard ward which is inadequate for excellent post natal care.

Maternity Facility

Help us raise £150,000


The new maternity ward will be the largest and most advanced facility in Northern Ghana. The building is erected and the roof is completed. £150,000 ($200,000) is required to complete the interior and equip the facility. 1 in 16 mothers die in childbirth in Northern Ghana (compared to 1 in 8250 in the developed world).

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Nutritional Centre

Helping acutely malnourished children


We have served thousands of malnourished children in our nutritional centre at The King’s Village.  This includes admitting severely malnourished children and their mothers for six weeks of intense support and for at risk children, an outreach programme.  The development of almost 40% of children in the district are stunted due to malnourishment. Since the nutrition centre opened in 2008 it has saved the lives of over 5000 acutely malnourished children.

Are you able to donate to help feed and house a malnourished child which will dramatically improve their chances of survival?