New maternity facility build

Our new maternity facility build is still ongoing… help us to raise the funds needed to complete it! Watch our video to find out about our current maternity provision and our dreams for the new facility. (Filmed pre Covid-19)

“Sometimes people deliver on the floor – and that’s not good enough.”

Ben’s words on why this new facility is so important to the community that we support.
We still don’t have all the funding needed to finish this project – we’ve had some incredibly generous donations but still have some way to go.

Our current maternity facility delivers on average 70 babies per month. Here are some twins that were delivered in 2019. Our current maternity unit is a single room with 3 beds for delivery. For even the most straightforward of pregnancies this isn’t adequate, but for higher risk mothers, like these twins’ it is an added risk.

Here’s one of our mum’s at her postnatal check up. You can see from the smile on her face that she is being treated with love and care! Our midwives do a fantastic job with the facilities we currently have available.

Our dream is to have state of the art facilities in our new Maternity Ward meaning that ALL mothers can have the best birthing experience possible.

We want to be able to give our amazing staff the most up to date equipment to allow them to do their job in the safest possible environment.

This is our aim for the new Maternity Ward.

If you can help us reach our goal of raising £150,000 click here